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About History of Millions of years

The history of Millions of years started in summer 2007 in Geneva (Switzerland).

At that time several musicians from Russia and Switzerland were working together under the “Stress” project. The author of the music and texts was irreplaceable Russian multi instrumentalist from Moscow called Sergey Enot.

At that point in time the “Stress” already had its audience in Russia and Enot as the author of the project decided to move forward in the direction of Europe. Back then there were already several songs written and finally some of them were included in the first album called «M.O.Y.» «Key2UrHeart» year 2008. Such songs as «Stress», «Cold», «Last Day», «To Face The Silence», «Outside Of My Head», «Full Of Stars», «All My Life» and «My System» were translated into English and were first tried by the musicians of the «Stress».

Why was such snazzy name as “Stress” changed?..

The things went so that it was necessary to register the name of the band in the Swiss author’s society. The name was successfully registered in the territory of Switzerland, but it was then necessary to take the same actions in USA and some other countries of Europe. The first problems appeared then. At first they had the legal nature. At the same time the name “Stress” itself started to influence the musicians and the course of events in the band. As they say: “A ship will sail the way you name it”. That appeared to be absolutely true! Swiss musicians sank into the mire of drugs and family problems, the Russians chained drink trying to develop the stereotypes about the Russians.

“I felt utterly discouraged”, - Enot says, - “I didn’t know how to influence the musicians. No day without a problem! Some were coming to the rehearsal sent, others – after the yesterday roaring night. At that time I understood I had to change something. I took up the question of the situation in the band and the Swiss musicians immediately decided to leave the band (they provoked the Russian musicians to come to Switzerland). After that the bass player transferred to guitar, the keyboard player and drummer stayed. But it didn’t last long. After a week of rehearsals in that line-up the keyboard player and the bass guitarist ran away to Moscow and the drummer got a job of the gatekeeper!”

Remaining alone Enot decides not to look for the new participants of the band, but to find the financial support first, i.e. a sponsor for the project. He finally succeeded in that. The project got the support of world trademark VIVASAN that allocated the funds for recording, mixing and shooting of the video clip.

At that very moment the idea came to change the name of the project and erase everything negative from the face of the project!

Proceeding from the text of the song called «Full Of Stars» there was chosen the brilliant name but not enjoining to anything. It has the great power – MILLIONS OF YEARS.

The name “Millions Of Years” was officially registered as a trademark in 2008. All the songs are also registered in the USA, in the central Copyright Office Washington D.C.

In the same summer of 2007 Enot came back to Moscow and continued the work under his project. The musicians kept changing in the band. Finally the video for the song «Key To your Heart» was shot. There was recorded and released the first like-named album called «Key2UrHeart». Again the change in the line-up. Full many had a chance to play in the «М.О.Y.», but the real single-minded line-up was still coming.

The band played their first one-hour concert under the new name of “Millions Of Years» on “O2” Channel (Russia, Moscow) live. The concert could be watched live in the Internet on the entire planet. This was the brilliant first performance of the band. Till now nobody believes the band is from Russia! It really showed the international level of live performance. As usual Enot personally collected all the materials shot during the performance and edited several compositions by himself. You could see these compositions among the video works of the band on the personal video page on the official site of the band.

Again the changes in the line-up. The band played several concerts in the new line-up.

In the second half of the year 2008, there appeared the second album called «The Last Day» on the official site of the band. Just like the first album «Key2UrHeart» it can be downloaded absolutely free in the perfect quality! But unlike «Key2UrHeart» it is permitted for free downloading only for citizens of Russia, the «The Last Day» album can be downloaded by everybody wishing to in the whole world. Later in 2010 the album «Key2UrHeart» was permitted for free downloading in the whole world as well.

Line-up of the year 2010:

Enot – music composer, songwrighter, lead vocal, guitars, keyboards

Richey – guitars, keyboards, vocals

Kraft – bass, vocals

J – guitars

Fallen – drums, vocals

Since the beginning of 2010 material for the new album has been actively recorded. All the drum parts were recorded live at the Pro-sound studio in Moscow by Nikolai «Fallen» Gerasimov.At the age of 23 Nikolai Gerasimov has tragically died on July 18 of 2010. It was a huge loss for everyone.Nikolay has also took part in the video shoot for the first single «Burning Out» that was released on April 5 of 2010.Since 2010 Kraft's longtime friend Anatoly Shablov began to help the band with the drums on live shows. He also took part in the new single «Incident» promo video shoot.«Incident» album was mixed and mastered at Knob Studio in Kyiv, Ukraine.CD was released as a special digipak edition on November 12 of 2010 by the collaboration between two labels Kapkan Records and Soyuz Music in Russia. Also the limited edition of CDs was released in USA as a collaboration with OhMiBod company that included a special package with a female vibrator.American company OhMiBod has also sponsored «Incident» promo video which had a product placement inside.In 2011 drummer Andrei Polishchuk joined the band. All further concerts the band played only with him.In 2012 the band decided to stop all live and studio activities for some years.2017-2018 has brought a new collaboration between Sergey Enot and Alexei "Dutchman" Panov (who had previously took part on the albums «Key2UrHeart» and «The Last Day». 3 new songs were recorded and released as an EP «Hold You Close».In 2021 Vladimir Kraft and Sergey Enot decided to resume work on new material for Millions Of Years. The first single should arrive soon. Keep in touch!


«Key2UrHeart» - 2008

«The Last Day» - 2008

«Incident» - 2010

«Hold You Close» - 2018 EP